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Yvonne Turner | Music

Yvonne Turner aka twinkle

United Kingdom, Plymouth
Having studied and worked as a musician, photographer, broadcast journalist,and fine artist I have ventured towards my passion for the moving image and am currently studying as a mature film student in Plymouth UK. My ultimate goal is to write and direct as many shorts as I can can and perhaps a feature one day. While I enjoy documentaries I have a passion for drama, black comedy and film noir. My favourite director of the moment is Tarkovsky.


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    This is just a quick piece I put together for some background rather than paying royalties. It was made in a virtual suite garage band and a first attempt but not finished.
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    Just an experiment, I've only used mixcraft 4 twice so need to get used to it but it's not a bad programme for general backing without royalties. I'm sure I can do much better given time.