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Young European Filmmakers Production Room

Project title:
Young European Filmmakers
Date of creation:
June 23, 2009

The project consists in creating two short films with a European team composed of Polish, German and French filmmakers. The film had been shot in Poland, in the small village of Jurata, located in the province of Gdansk: A 45-minute drama on the theme of European awareness. A 20-minute documentary film on this intercultural exchange experience. Several steps had been needed for the preparation of this project: Scriptwriting (july-september 2009), Shooting (october 2009), Postproduction including editing, music composition and sound mixing (november 2009 to december 2010). The whole group participate in all the steps. To work in the best conditions, we managed to be sponsored by Slawomir Idziak, the worldwide known director of photography. This project is partly financed by the French Agency “Program of Youth European in Action”, Film Spring Open (Poland), the University of Perpignan (DIVEC, BDE, DRAC : France) and University of Dortmund (Germany) and the town of Saint Estève in France.