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Mina and Martn´s Project at Filmspring 2010 Production Room

Project title:
Mina and Martn´s Project at Filmspring 2010
Date of creation:
January 20, 2010

Hi to everyone,

we try to shoot something in the same style like the close group of Filmspring 2009 ... ok mina is the main director and i am the main dop, but we want to shoot this movie with a lot of other director´s and dop´s in our team so we all could learn by the feedback every evening during we see our dailies. We hope that we find money support from Germany and Norway. We work over the year on script and then we share all of our ideas with our team for first feed back and the team should say all their first ideas also then the movie get better and the result also :). i hope that some people want to join us ... in the near future we will give more informations about the topic the idea the style and so on of this little project ... thanks ...