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filmmakers protect the globe Production Room

Project title:
filmmakers protect the globe
Date of creation:
January 21, 2010

In cooperation between my Cologne-based production company and Filmspring, I will create a Filmspring Open-group every year. We will produce 2-3 ads / commercials / image films during our stay in Jurata which are especially designed for very small, financially weak aid-organizations (i.e. working to protect nature, entertaining social projects etc.) which would love to get an own small filmic ad, but can't afford to produce one.
We will help them out!
Prior to every Filmspring event, we will select 2-3 of such small aid-organizations and then produce their ads during Filmspring, which we will then DONATE to the respective aid-organization so they have an advertising audio-visual product about themselves they can put on their website and on youtube, vimeo etc.

This way, we will have the opportunity during Filmspring to not only collect experiences in producing fiction and documentaries, but also in producing ads and image-films. We will thus create additional reference material for ourselves and our careers as filmmakers.
And the very best part: we can -and will- help small aid-organizations spreading their ideas and reaching people!

Let's have fun and let's help protect the globe!