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Solomante Production Room

Project title:
Date of creation:
January 22, 2010

This is our project for the FilmSpringOpen 2010

The Girl is working as a mechanic. Her boss is a young, nice man. One day she loose her nerves on something and strange things happens. tools and parts are flyin all around her. Right in front of him.
So she runs. She dissapears somwhere in the country. And all he wants is to find her, to learn how she did that...

This is a story about two different personalities struggling to learn all about paranormal psychic powers. She is a natural and she is scared of it. He wanted to learn that all his life. In this wild chase, their ways crosses with all kind of people representing all spectrum of ideas and knowlege about paranormal activity and its role in our life and spiritual progress.

Everybody likes our idea and wants to participate is most welcome to join our production.