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Staircase Stories at FSO 2015 Production Room

Project title:
Staircase Stories at FSO 2015
Date of creation:
August 18, 2015

Staircase stories is the name of a possible group work at FSO Open 2015 Workshop. I would like to search before a possible super nice old used but beautiful lokation (staircase) at Cracow ... then involve writers as well before who just create by there imagination little moments for a Staircase. Everything can happen at a Staircase. Maybe just a Mood ... or a little Drama ... someone wants to break in .... or someone just has his or her last night at this living spot and he or she remembers what nice moments the living spot had bring to her or his life .... and so on ... a lot is possible ... then after the writers have done there little moment ... the director jump in and adopt and transcode the non filmic writing to filmic moments ... shootable in 1,5 Days each film shooting .. the group of Directors is must help each other ... so it is a rotating system ... with resprect and full involvment ... the same for the DOPs ... i would like to add a chalange for the DOPs ... i would like to add that they only light via LED Batterie lights ... and shoot with high iso camera ... so experimenting with real indipendant situations ... maybe shooting with a big window black out ... and then lighting minimal with this little LEDs ... to check what is possible ... i hope and believe to achive like this little moments as a test for this kind of fast project ... if all this work out i could imagine to do a expand of this ... but more later or in real ...