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Red Eyes Cool 2016 Production Room

Project title:
Red Eyes Cool 2016
Date of creation:
August 23, 2016

Hi everyone!

Our group, the Red Eyes Cool, will be another time in Film Spring Open-Air !!!

As each years, we want to take advantage of FSO-A in order to create an artistic stimulation and working in an international creative group in the spirit of “artistic residency”.

We are looking for any collaboration, so if you are interested to join us, you are very welcome :)

The project of this year is to make an interactive movie called “ONLY YOU”. In the quite old hotel room, a 30 years old man dies electrocuted while is looking a porn with a VR mask and an electronic suit. He becomes a spirit and the audience takes the control of the movie, decides where they want to go, in a first person view...

This project can be open also to others creative groups who want to make their own scenes in this interactive story or to all individual filmmakers who wants to help in the different steps of creation.

When the first draft will be created, we can post it on different social networks and propose to filmmakers around the world to create their own scenes of “this spirit traveling” in order to make some extension of this interactive movie :)