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Fees at Work & Equipment

If you want to create an offer at Work & Equipment select a package or service. Click to activate.
Package / service Maximum selling price 1
(per 1 item) net value EUR
Maximum renting price 1
(per 1 item per day) net value EUR
Maximum number of offers
(listed simultaneously)
Package / service duration 2
(from the listing day)
PLN net
value 3
(approx. EUR)
Insertion Fees
WORK not applicable 4 not applicable 4 no limit no limit FREE
START 10.000.000,00 EUR 10.000.000,00 EUR max. 10000000 no limit FREE
Fees for additional services 5
POSITIONING no limit no limit max. 10 180 days 100,00 PLN
(23,86 EUR)
HIGHLIGHTING no limit no limit max. 10 180 days 10,00 PLN
(2,39 EUR)

1Selling / renting prices of Offers are in EUROS.

2Offers will be active until the User deletes or hides them or until the expiry of the package (subscription).

3Fee in EUR is only an approximate value. During payment PayPal will automatically convert your currency to PLN.

4WORK package applies only to WORK category where selling/renting price cannot be set.

5Regardless of other packages (subscriptions), Offers do not expire while they are positioned or highlighted.

Inquiries regarding services tailored to individual needs should be addressed to: gosia.tusk@filmspringopen.eu

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